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ChangeGroup offers a unique buy-back guarantee on the leftover currency. They will buy back your currency at the same rate you purchased it, with no commission fees! This is a great feature if you're worried about being stuck with leftover foreign currency for the cheapest last minute trip hack. Additionally, ChangeGroup offers a wide variety of currencies, including even some unique ones that you might not find at other currency exchange companies. This can be helpful if you're travelling to a more off-the-beaten-path destination.

ChangeGroup promo code for traveller and 0% commision for foreign currency rates

ChangeGroup Branch Services: What They Offer

ChangeGroup offers a variety of services at their branches, making them a one-stop shop for your travel money needs. Here's a breakdown of their key services:

  • Currency Exchange:

    • Exchange your local currency (GBP) for a wide range of foreign currencies at competitive rates (although not guaranteed to be the absolute best).
    • They likely offer major and some less common currencies, catering to various travel destinations.
  • Buy-back Guarantee (with fee):

    • Didn't use all your travel money? ChangeGroup offers a buy-back guarantee on leftover currency at a set fee of £5.99. This helps you avoid being stuck with unused foreign coins.
  • Western Union Money Transfers:

    • Send money abroad quickly and conveniently to over 200 countries and territories through their partnership with Western Union.
    • Recipients can collect funds in cash at numerous Western Union agent locations worldwide.
  • Cash Handling Services (for Businesses):

    • (This service seems targeted towards businesses, not individual customers)
    • Businesses can deposit notes and coins and collect the denominations and changes they need for daily operations.

ChangeGroup and Western Union: Key Points

  • Partnership: ChangeGroup partners with Western Union to offer international money transfer services.
  • Convenience: Send money abroad quickly and easily from any ChangeGroup branch in the UK.
  • Global Reach: Transfer money to over 200 countries and territories through Western Union's vast network.
  • Fast Transfers: Funds can be received within minutes (subject to time zone differences and regulations).
  • Multiple Currencies: Send money in over 130 currencies to meet various needs.
  • Cash Collection: Recipients can collect cash at hundreds of thousands of Western Union agent locations worldwide.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Pay for your money transfer using cash or debit/credit card at ChangeGroup branches.
  • Focus on Reliability: ChangeGroup emphasizes the reliability and trust associated with Western Union's money transfer services.

Based on the ChangeGroup website, here's what glean about their ATM Network

  • Global Reach: ChangeGroup offers ATMs in 12 different countries across Europe and North America. ATMs in prestigious locations worldwide, suggesting they might be present in major airports, train stations, and shopping areas within the UK.
  • Dual Currency ATMs: A key feature is the availability of both local and foreign currency ATMs. This can be incredibly convenient for travellers who want to avoid the hassle of exchanging currency before arriving at their destination or for locals who need access to specific foreign currencies.
  • Free vs. Surcharged ATMs: ChangeGroup offers both “free to use” and “customer surcharge” ATMs. It's important to be aware of any potential fees before using their ATMs to avoid any surprises. so it's best to check the ATM itself or contact ChangeGroup for details.
  • Benefits for Tourists: Their ATM network seems geared towards tourists, offering convenient access to both local and foreign currencies upon arrival. This eliminates the need to carry large amounts of cash or exchange currency beforehand.

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Other Ways For Saving On ChangeGroup

Here are some alternative ways to potentially save with ChangeGroup:

  • Compare Rates: This is key! Always compare ChangeGroup's rates with other services before finalizing your exchange.

  • Bulk Exchange: Ask a ChangeGroup branch if they offer discounts for exchanging large amounts of currency.

  • Follow Social Media: Keep an eye on ChangeGroup's social media pages for any promotions they might have occasionally.

What to do if the ChangeGroup Discount Code is not working?

If a discount code you found on (or any other coupon website) isn't working, there are a few things you can try:

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  • Be patient: Sometimes, technical glitches can cause codes to malfunction temporarily. You might want to try again later or visit the store another day.
  • Consider alternative deals: Even if the discount code doesn't work, the store might have other ongoing promotions or sales. Explore their website or social media pages for alternative ways to save.

Frequently Asked Questions for ChangeGroup

Q1 Is ChangeGroup's exchange rate competitive for the pound sterling (GBP)?

ChangeGroup claims to have competitive rates, but the website doesn't guarantee it to be the absolute best. It's always wise to compare rates before finalizing your exchange.

Q2 Can I order foreign currency online with ChangeGroup for delivery in the UK?

Currently, ChangeGroup doesn't offer home delivery within the UK. However, you can order foreign currency online for pick up at a branch.

Q3 Where are ChangeGroup's branch locations near me in the UK?

ChangeGroup boasts over 50 branches conveniently located across the UK, including airports and high streets. You can use their branch locator on the website to find your nearest one.

Q4 Does ChangeGroup offer a buy-back guarantee on leftover currency for UK residents?

Yes, they offer a buy-back guarantee, but with a £5.99 fee attached.

Q5 Does ChangeGroup offer any special discounts for UK customers?

Their advantage lies in 0% commission on currency exchange and claiming competitive rates.

Q6 Is it safe to buy currency online with ChangeGroup?

ChangeGroup claims to have secure online transactions. Look for the padlock symbol in your browser's address bar when ordering online, and ensure you're on ChangeGroup's official website (

Q7 What other travel money services does ChangeGroup offer in the UK besides currency exchange?

In addition to currency exchange, ChangeGroup offers:

  • Western Union money transfers: This allows you to send money abroad quickly and easily.
  • Zero commission currency exchange: They claim 0% commission on the exchange itself, but there might be other fees involved (e.g., buy-back guarantee fee).